Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Raw vegetable brochettes

When thinking of vegetable brochettes we think straight away... 'summer time', grilled brochettes on the barbecue, friends and family... . But why not serve raw vegetable brochettes with any meat or fish dish, any day of the week, all year round?
Their are equal fun to make, your plate will look more entertaining and at the same time it offers a nice colour palette.
It's a great healthy side dish which can easily be prepared in advance with a very simple but tasty dressing to spice up the range of vegetables. A dressing with an Asian twist gives your plate a more fusion-like look!
Presenting a salad on wooden skewers is just a bit more exciting than serving it from out of a bowl. The dressing can be served in little bowls on each plate so that everyone can use the amount of dressing to their taste.
I have to admit, I always like it when people have to be a bit more active at the table than just cut their meat and potatoes. ;-)

Raw vegetable brochettes
4 Servings (2 brochettes per person)

24 cherry tomatoes
16 thin slices of zucchini (courgette), (zucchini sliced lengthwise with a potato peeler)
1 yellow bell pepper, diced, 1 inch pieces
16 cubes feta cheese (you can use any cheese you like)
1 red onion, small, diced, 1 inch pieces

Needed: 8 wooden skewers 

3 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce

1. On a wooden skewer, alternate 1 cherry tomato, 1 slice of zucchini rolled up, 1 piece of bell pepper, 1 piece of cheese and 1 piece of onion, repeat this all one more time and end with a cherry tomato; repeat this for the remaining 7 brochettes.

2. Combine olive oil and sweet chilli sauce in a bowl and stir until homogenous

Serve the brochettes with grilled meat or fish and the dressing on the side. Enjoy!


  1. I love the zucchini rolls! :) Very pretty!

  2. Thanks Kiri.W, the zucchini stay nice and crunchy like this!

  3. It is a great idea "uncooked vegetable brochettes", with cheeses. I like the idea of dressing too. It seems children would eat who dislike vegetables.

  4. Beautiful! Such a great idea for a side dish :)

  5. Very nice arrangement and the photos look great thanks for the follow on foodbuzz, I am following you in google friend connect too thank you

    1. Thanks for the follow, I am following you on pinterest ;-)



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