Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Puff pastry: little pear bites

I love warm puff pastry combined with some fruit. It doesn't request a lot of ingredients and its ready before you know it. 
The taste of soft, warm fruit with the buttery pastry, just melts away in your mouth. It a great little idea if you have some unexpected guests coming over or if you are just longing for some sweets on a Sunday afternoon, like me yesterday, when all the shops and bakeries were closed.

I have used pear but it could have been apple, mango, apricot...  or even a spoon of fruit jam, if you have a sweeter tooth, as I did not add any additional sugar here.

Puff pastry: little pear bites
Makes around 22 little bites (depending on the size of the circles)

Ingredients :
1 roll puff pastry, ready-made 
1 pear, peeled and diced
1 egg yolk

1. preheat the oven to 180 degrees
2. roll out the puff pastry and cut little circles (ex. with a water glass) 
3. peel and dice the pear and place a few pieces on one half of each puff pastry circle
4. fold the circles double and with the back of a fork close the edges
5. beat the egg yolk and brush a little on top of each puff pastry bite
6. place the bites on a tray with baking paper and slide them in the oven for 20 min, or until golden brown.
Once done let them cool down a bit but serve them warm.


  1. Simple & delicious.
    That's what I like most :)

    1. I have to agree, we don't always have the time but we are often in the mood for something tasty :-)

  2. They are absolutely adorable! :) Puffs can never go wrong, i love them warm too!

  3. Juicy chunks of pear inside...Yummy. Can't wait to start working on these treats.

  4. Sounds delicioious and lovely pics , love it



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