Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Caprese Salad in its own way

Is there something more fresh and summery than this classic combination of tomato, mozzarella and basil? 
It is still winter here in the South of France, we even had some snow yesterday, but today the sun is out again and the craving for fresh and light summer food is hanging in the air. 

Ingredients like these you will find all year round. The taste of ripe but firm tomatoes, the softness and subtle flavour of mozzarella together with a nice pesto sauce from Genova, Italy, is something many people appreciate. Although I am not using fresh basil here, just as decoration, but I am using this wonderful mixture of basil leaves, pinenuts, parmesan cheese and olive oil.

Caprese Salad is a traditional salad, usually served on it is own or as a side dish but this time I have used it in small quantities as an appetizer, to be held in your hand and to be eaten with a little spoon.

Caprese Salad
Serves: 4

Ingredients :

2 Roma tomatoes, diced
1 mozzarella ball (around 125gr) , diced
4 tsp pesto, ready-made
1 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
some basil leaves for decoration (optional) 

Serving dishes: 4 small aperitif glasses (0,20 or 0,25cl)

1. wash and dice the tomatoes, add some salt and pepper to taste
2. dice the mozzarella
3. fill the glasses for 2/3 with the tomatoes and top it off with mozzarella
4. combine the pesto with the olive oil, stir it until smooth and divide it over the 4 glasses. Add some fresh basil to boost the colour!


  1. perfect presentation - love it! Your blog is amazing, Alexandra.

    Love from Dresden!

  2. Thank you Beleye! Trying to find ways and simple recipes to please the eye (and my stomach :-) )

  3. Your recipe is presented in a very attractive format. Plus its a very tasty recipe. Keep posting Healthy Recipes like this !



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