Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rollicos au vin

How great is this... biscuits without butter and eggs!! ;-) How often does that happen? This delicious recipe is a 'pied-noir' recipe. The 'Pieds-noirs' were the French, Spanish, Italian, Maltese... who lived in Algeria during the French colonisation. They returned to their home country in 1962, when Algeria became independent and brought back this lovely recipe. The wine in these dry biscuits gives it this special and addictive taste, not overwhelming but just perfect. They are an excellent combination with a nice cup of coffee. Rollicos au vin are Spanish biscuits (probably with Arab origins). The translation would be 'round wine biscuits''. Due to its history, there are so many possible versions. Well, I have picked out an easy recipe with a pure taste.

Rollicos au vin

500gr flour

160gr sugar
3 packets vanilla sugar
10cl vegetable oil
15cl white wine (you can also red wine) 

1. stir the flour, sugar and 1 packet of vanilla sugar together in a big bowl 
2. add slowly the oil while mixing the dough with your hands 
3. add now the wine while still mixing the dough 
4.  preheat the oven to 200 degrees  
5. divide the dough into parts of 60gr which you will need to roll out into a long sausage look-a-like dough, 15 to 20cm, which can be divided in several parts
6. each part needs to be shaped in a little circle.  
7. in the mean time open the last 2 packets of vanilla sugar and spread it out on a flat dish 
8. drop each biscuit with one side into the vanilla sugar before putting them on the baking tray, which is covered with baking paper. 
9. bake the biscuits during 15min at 200 degrees. Once baked, remove them from the oven and let them cool down before consuming, so that they can become more firm, like they are meant to be.  
The biscuits should look rather pale, the vanilla sugar on top will give the biscuits some. Serve with a lovely cup of coffee or tea. Enjoy!


  1. Hi!
    I would like to know how many grams a packet of vanilla sugar has. I´m from Portugal and i would like to try this biscuits :) Can you please tell me?

  2. @ameixa seca, 1 packet of vanilla sugar is 8gr over here in France.
    Good luck with it. Alex.

  3. Thank you! I asked because I have homemade vanilla sugar in a jar and did not know how much the package weighed :)



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